Time written: 9 a.m. Location: somewhere in the air… Now…

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Time written: 9 a.m.
Location: somewhere in the air…
Now playing: Kaskade - Essential Mix

Alright, I’m writing this in flight. We took off about 15 minutes ago. As a
first time flyer, I must say this is pretty entertaining (even though I’m
squished between two random people. It’s all good though!). This flying
thing is something a little euphoric. Take off was amazing! The thrill of
hearing the turbines spool up with their delightful whine in unison with
that “shoot you to the back of your seat” sensation. As we lifted into the
sky I got a little woozy for a second seeing how it was an uncommon
experience for me…anyway, everything is going well thus far, plus the
scenery is intense. I feel like I am living Google Earth!

P.s. Thankfully I have some pretty snazzy headphones that were gifted to me
the other day by a good friend. They have effectively silenced the crying
baby ;]


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