Me and Myself

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Me and Myself

Hi, I am Melissa Dyandra. I feel so lucky and excited to be able to enroll Chem and Bio joint class as I heard from everybody, including counselors, that Chem 1A class is so difficult to get because of the limited space. Moreover, this semester is my second semester in Pasadena City College and it makes getting chemistry class harder for me. However, I am very lucky that I got a registration priority, so I could register early and most of the classes were still open. Besides getting the registration priority, I have another luck. There is Chem and Bio joint class for the first time in PCC and this program makes my plan goes well, although there is a new policy that the prerequisite of Bio 10A is Chem 1A. I said I am very lucky over and over again, and honestly it is what I feel now.

Let’s change the topic. Something interesting about me, I think I am very curious of everything that occurs around me. I want to know a little and unimportant thing that people around me are talking about. My friends say that when my excessive curiosity appears, my first expression is so funny, but I never realize what kind of expression I have. Sometimes, I feel my curiosity is annoying not only for myself but also for other people, although it is often useful and helpful for me.

  • Ms Curious II

    Wow such a lucky person


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