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sexual selection

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sexual selection

Sexual selction project is very interesting for me. Although I know that some people are more popular than others finding mates, I never thought this way before. The first thing I learned from this project is you have to be very clear about what you want to find out before the experiemnt. Reading some relatedhe primary research is very helpful. Second, always think critically when you design an experiment. For example, we did our experiment in PCC the first day, so most of the participants are about 20 years old. However, our hypothesis is about how smell affect mate preference for all ages. To eliminate the bais, the second day, we found some older participants to balance our sample pool. At last, when finding people to sniff the shirts for us, I found that social skill is very important. For example, at the begining, we just asked the people if they wanted to help us, so their motivation is low. Then we learned, so we told them “we have a very interesting experiment, do you want to try?” “It only takes you 1 mins, but you can find out what kind of guys or girls you like after!” The appropiate communication skill really helps us to collect data effeciently!

Sexual Selection Project

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Sexual Selection Project

Sexual Selection project was insightful in the dynamics of the human body and team work. There were a few things that I’ve learned from the experience that I’d like to share.

1. Finding participants. It was surprisingly hard to get participants willing to smell our shirts. For our project participants had to smell the scent of the opposite sex. Even though we assured the participants the clothes were clean, many were not willing to smell. Also it was difficult to approach people, many people on the streets were not willing to spare time. It was disheartening at times, but a good learning experience.
Even more difficult was to convince young men and old men to wear shirts for the project without any incentive aside from the gratitude and for the sake of science.

2. Time management. It was difficult to coordinate with colleagues to find the best time to schedule meetings to gather information. I think the short time frame combined with exams was a challenge to balance the responsibilities to this class along with other classes.

3. Education. I was really fascinated with the results of the exam. I was surprised at the ability of the opposite sex to identify the most attractive scent, and even more so that age was a factor. I was also surprised at how people manage to select good physiques just from the shape of the body. I think this is surprising because this experiment allowed me a chance to see science working with real life experience. You often hear and probably understand how powerful the senses are, but once that is shown through an experiment such as this, you really stand in awe of the complexities of the senses.

Sexual Selection?

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Sexual Selection?

The sexual selection paper is quite interesting, from finding an evolutionary based mate selection choice to designing and analyzing the data. My group and I had an idea of what we were going to do, but I do not think we had imagined how hard setting up a survey that was quick, clear, and able to produce data that we needed. So learning how to do so was an interesting process of revisions and tests. Another thing was how humans try to resist the urge of judging some one by appearance and shallow traits, but in the end it is those traits that people are most attracted to.

Important Dates

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04/16/2013 (Tues.) – Associated Student Executive Board Elections- Student voting will be April 16th from 8AM until April 17th at 11:59PM for more info go to:

04/16/2013 (Tues.) – 12-1pm (V105) Pasadena Engineering and Science (Robotics) Expo: Training for Volunteers interested in working directly with the Robotics students as a mentor by visiting the classrooms during school hours to help their student team in Robotics. Please note that volunteers for this portion of the Expo need a TB test and a DOJ security screening at no cost.

04/16/2013 (Tues.)- 12-1pm Circadian (CC130) Join the Safe Zone Coalition as they celebrate this years great work training allies! Come support the work happening on campus advocating for our undocumented and LGBTQ communities. Light refreshments will be served.

04/18/2013 (Thurs.) – 12-1pm (V105) UC Berkeley will be in the MESA lab talking to us about their Community College Partnership Program. Bring your lunch and bring a friend!

04/18/2013 (Thurs.)- 10am-2pm (Wi-Fi Lounge) Grad-fest! All things graduation will be together at the Wi-Fi Lounge to ensure access to information about this years PCC Commencement Ceremony.

04/20/2013 (Sat.) – 12-3pm 2nd Annual MESA Family BBQ: Please join us for our 2nd Annual MESA Family BBQ at Grant Park 1200 Cordova 91106(across the street from Cal Tech); Family is your ticket in! MESA will be taking $5 and $10 donations towards purchasing hotdogs and sodas and we’ll have a potluck roster as well. (BBQ will be cancelled if it rains Friday or Sat)

04/23/2013 (Tues.) – 12-1pm (V105)Pasadena Engineering and Science (Robotics) Expo: Training for Volunteers interested in volunteering the day of the event, Saturday, June 1st.

05/03/2013 (Fri.)- 7pm Pasadena Commencement Ceremony. MESA students please let us know if you will be walking so that we can try and get you a MESA medal for the ceremony.

During the Undergraduate Speed Networking session I met Dr….

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During the Undergraduate Speed Networking session I met Dr. Carolyn Ribes
who works for DOW in their Analytical Technology Center. She gave me some
very useful advice on what things I should be doing during my time as an
undergraduate student in terms of setting myself up from graduate school
admission. Her job is to ensure that standardized analyses are installed
and functioning in Dow’s plants across the globe.

Monday’s Inspirational Moment

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I went to the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Collaboration talks this
morning. And there was one student from the National Technical Institute
for the Deaf in Rochester, New York. She gave a presentation on her
research about phenol concentrations in wetlands near Rochester in which
she had to sign all of the chemistry of her research. This seems like an
enormous obstacle to overcome, but she stood up in front of a room of
people and gave her presentation with great poise. It was very impressive
to put it mildly.

Oral Presentation Tips

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Sunday April 7:

I learned some really useful tips for oral presentations. The major point
that was stressed is that the “why” is what really needs to be stressed.
One of the speakers showed a video which showed the difference between
science students explaining their project with the technical jargon versus
when they explained the big picture idea of how their research will affect
society. Their faces lit up when they discussed how their projects will
affect society because it really touches on the human element of their
The other thing that I thought was an important point was that only
speeches that are 3 minutes or under should be entirely scripted because
there is less time to get your idea across. Going with a rough outline
typically allows the speaker to come across as more lively as they are
speaking to the audience rather than just reading to them.


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