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What is eSTEM?

eSTEM is an innovative interdisciplinary community focused on providing better support and prepare student diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  eSTEM will empower students as independent thinkers and informed citizens and global stewards of their environment.

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Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences Division provides students access to excellent science education in a supportive environment, in which all students learn by direct experience with the methods and processes of scientific inquiry. Classes are taught to ensure that students learn not only the important relevant facts, but also the process of science and how to develop their critical thinking skills. Courses are offered in basic science disciplines including Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Microbiology, Physical Sciences, Physiology, and Physics.

Grant Activities

We have a variety of projects in various stages of being implemented. Visit our Project page to see a full list of all our projects and more information about each individual project.  Go to the Project page >

Who We Are

Dave Douglass 
Dept: Natural Sciences Division Dean
School: PCC, University of California Los Angeles, B.S., Dartmouth College, M.S. and PhD
Dave's favorite thing about science is public knowledge. It's a way of making sense of the natural world that is open to all who are willing to take the time to learn.
Veronica Jaramillo
Phone: (626) 585-7462
Dept: Chemistry
School: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Arizona.
Jared Ashcroft
Dept: Chemistry
School: CSU Long Beach, BS in Chemistry. Rice Univerity, PhD in Chemistry.
Jared would be a level 50 warlock with fierce flame powers if he could be a superhero.
Peter P. Castro
Ext: 7013
Dept: Chemistry
School: Cal State University Los Angeles, B.S. in Chemistry. UCLA, Ph.D in Organic Chemistry
Peter is currently co-writing and producing a children’s book.
Erika Catanese
Dept: Biology
School: Cal Poly University Pomona, B.S. in Zoology; Cal State University, Fullerton M.S. in Biology
When she has free time, Erika likes to hike, walk, garden, hug her dogs, run, yoga, cook, watch movies, and travel.
Russ Di Fiori
Dept: Biology
School: University of California Davis, Zoology. San Diego State University, Ecology
Playing on Russ' I-Pod right now is John Cage, John Adams, Philip Glass and Ludwig Von.
Valerie Foster
Dept: Biology
School: UC Berkeley, B.A. in Integrative Biology. UC Irvine, Ph.D Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Some of Valerie's favorite reads are Vanity Fair, Amy Tan, Cormac McCarthy, Irvine Welsh and Anne Sexton.
Melissa G Harman, Ph.D.
Dept: Chemistry
School: BSc in Chemistry, UVA, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Harvard University
Melissa's favorite muscle is the Palmaris Longus. Do you have one?
Jessica C. Igoe
ext. 7876
Dept: Biology
School: Walla Walla College, B.S. in Biology. Loma Linda University, PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
If she could be any superhero, Jessica would be the Goblin Queen. She thinks there's something very liberating about the idea of being entirely evil and doing anything you please.
Paul E Jarrell
Dept: Pre-Health Sciences & Biology
Rhea Presiado
Dept: Geography
School: UC Berkeley, B.A. in Geography. UC Davis, Ph.D in Geography.
Rhea likes to go scuba diving.
Katie Rodriguez
Dept: Pre-Health Sciences & Biology
School: Cal Poly Pomona, Biology & Plant Ecology
Playing on Katie's I-pod is "Foster the People".
Bryan Wilbur
Dept: Geology
School: UCLA, B.S. in Geology and B.S. in Biology. University of Texas, PhD in Geology

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