Biology is you! Biology is the study of life which, of course, encompasses many different levels from cells to ecosystems. The Biology Department (part of the Natural Sciences Division) is an interdisciplinary department with faculty specializing in fields including Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biological Technology, Marine Biology, and Oceanography.  A biology degree gives students the flexibility to pursue many careers.

Although biologists often study specific aspects of life, it is all interconnected. Many publications are a collaborative effort of many scientists (systems biology is a field which synthesizes often disparate fields of research).

Biology is an exciting major because it is dynamic and our understanding is always changing. The more we discover the more questions there are to pursue.  The massive acquisition of knowledge and the unpredictability of biological systems necessitates the development of strong skills sets in our students. The need to critically think, analyze data, solve problems, and synthesize information is invaluable.

How To Register

Registration for Biology classes can be conducted using the link

Anyone can register, all you need is to have completed or currently be taking MATH 125.

Pre-Requisites for Biology Majors Classes

  • BIOL 1A Pre-Req* = Chem 1A eligible (which means: (1)Math 131 or its equivalent, and (2)Chem 22 or equivalent skills as demonstrated through placement based on the chemistry assessment process.)
  • BIOL 1B Pre-Req = BIOL 1A & CHEM 1A
  • BIOL 1C Pre-Req = BIOL 1B & CHEM 1B*
  • MICRO 2 Pre-Req = Biol 105 or Chem 2A or Chem 22 or Chem 1A, or placement based on the biochemistry placement process.

*Note that BIOL 1A will not be offered again after FALL 2012, as the series will be phased out as a new series (BIOL 10ABC will be phased in, with possibly different pre-reqs.

Transfer Information

Are you finishing up your biology coursework at PCC and thinking, now what? Luckily, there are a wide variety of transfer options for you. Here are just a few of the many options to further your education in biology. One tip when planning to transfer is to make sure to check very carefully the deadlines for admission as they are often all different!

    • ASSIST is the official online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. Read More
  • Transfer Admissions Guarantee
    • The Transfer Guaranteed Admission (TAG) is a commitment that selected colleges and universities make to PCC students who meet basic transfer requirements. Students who complete an agreed upon sequence of classes in general education and a selected major with a stated minimum GPA can apply to the four-year institution within a prescribed time-frame and be “guaranteed admission.” Read More.
  • California State University
    • The California State University campuses are dedicated to educating the individual student using active-learning, inquiry-based educational approaches. They provide all biology majors with broad exposure to fundamental biological principles, and depth of knowledge within a specialized area of concentration chosen by the student. Visit the links below to learn more about the programs offered at each CSU campus.

Career Information

Within Biology there are a number of careers and options depending on the amount of schooling you complete.  Within a few semesters you can be on your way to working as a Research tech, on the other hand you can get your Master degree or PhD and as a Researcher, professor, or lab scientist — the sky is really the limit.  At PCC we offer a number of options to help you achieve what you want as a career.

Not sure where to start or what you want to do?  Browse our Careers App with Careers related to all STEM degrees — with job title, description, necessary schooling and salary.  Go to STEM Careers now and check it out!

Biology Research

Research is essential if you are getting an advanced degree after your bachelor degree. Any opportunity you can take while at PCC will give you a competitive edge for laboratory positions when you transfer to a 4-year University.

Contact Us

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